Lori’s Skin Type Story

Skin Type: Dry. As. Hell.

Desert dry with a touch of sensitivity. My skin type is something that has done a complete turn around since my teens and twenties. Where I was once combination and never had any sort of reaction to any product, I am now dry all over and can easily throw my skin into chaos. So why the strange turnaround? Age? Partially. Aging skin is often dryer than it was in its youth, but my issue can be pin pointed to a very bad reaction to a cleanser helped along with the Clarisonic.

The cleanser was harmless enough for my skin as it was then. I used it for about a month and on a whim decided to pull out my Clarisonic and that is when all hell broke loose. At first, things were fine, I had no immediate reaction, but within hours my skin turned into a red, chapped, and bumpy mess. A day later it itched and burned. It was awful and lasted for weeks.

On top of that madness, the right side of my face is worse than my left, because no matter where I am in my home or work, the air/fan/heater always hits that ONE side of my face and as a result I have redness and texture like whoa on that side.

So how did I fix this? A healthy dose of antioxidants and emollients with a VERY minimal routine until things calmed down. Even though it’s been several years since this happened; my barrier is VERY vocal and will tell me almost instantly if I have done something to offend it.

Skin Concerns:

I’m 36 now, so aging is a top priority, but the most important concern I have is moisture. My barrier needs it. It’s my precious and without it all other things are pointless. Because I need moisture I often seal in my routine with an occlusive so I am always wary and highly aware of clogs and closed comedones.

As a secondary concern, because really there is not one thing you can do to prevent it, I also have monthly hormonal breakouts along my chin that result in post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH) that seems to last a lifetime. Bring on all the shark sauce.

Skin Tone/Shade:

I have a fairly neutral tone, but since I have redness thanks to my adventures above I default to a NC-15 in Mac and I’m almost always a #21 in Korean foundations.