Erika’s Skin Type Story

SKIN TYPE: Formerly Oily & Acne ProneErika of fortheloveofacid blog

My skin used to be an oil slick.  I would put makeup on in the morning and when I looked in the mirror a few hours later, my makeup would have oxidized from brown to a hot orangey-red mess.

I walked around with those Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets in hand, blotting my face every five seconds (super great value, btw), watching as my makeup slowly but surely melted off.  Not cute.  Not cute at all.



Me all day, every day.

I’ve also suffered from acne breakouts throughout my life, with a side of really dark post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). As a teen I’d break out badly enough that my mother finally took me to the dermatologist. Unfortunately I was too lazy to follow the regimen so it never took. My skin would continue to be acne prone throughout my 20s through my 30s, and I would get PIH if I even looked at my skin funny. I’ve always picked at my skin, so I was doing much more than looking at it funny.

Eventually I found a regimen that worked for me: every morning and night I’d wash my face with a high ph cleanser and use that extra harsh Khiel’s Blue Astringent Toner to wipe my face down. In the morning I’d apply makeup with some minor sunscreen protection, but with no added moisture underneath. I’d then apply a benzoyl peroxide 10% cream by a brand called DDF to my face nightly, not knowing that all that craziness was contributing to my severe oil issues. Let’s not even think about how bad it was to go out without a good sunscreen after using that high a concentration of BP.


My face was clear of acne and but also extremely dehydrated, and I was bleaching my bedding wherever my face touched with my overusage of BP. While this was (seemingly) fine in my early and mid 30s, as I got older I started to realize that I needed to do something totally different.

One day a few years ago, Lori and another good friend convinced me to try Paula’s Choice products and the rest is history.  My skin changed in just a few months from an oil slick to balanced and clear. To say I was ecstatic was an understatement.

I’ve since moved on to other brands and now follow the Asian Beauty Reddit way of (glow) life.

Skin Concerns:

Anti-aging, fading of PIH from dermatillomania, not overexfoliating from excessive use of acids, moisture, moisture, and moisture.

Skin Tone/Shade:

Last I checked I was somewhere between a MAC NC45-NC50.



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