Erika and Lori love many of the same things, but they are also very different. Lori loves silicones and Erika thinks they are the devil’s sludge. Erika loves acid peels and they make Lori’s skin quiver in fear. You see, Erika and Lori have polar opposite skin types, oily vs dry.

The products we have tried on our skin (or wanted to try) became an almost daily conversation between us, and for the past few years we’ve laughed about how we should start a blog. We thought a lot about how interesting it would be to see write-ups from our different perspectives, so now we are finally doing it! We hope that other beauty and skincare obsessed people in the world can find something useful here (and maybe something to laugh about) in our journey to defy age, oil, lack of a decent color range of foundations, and dry AF skin.

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Hello! My name is Lori, Lorilou on the internets, and I’m addicted to all things beauty/skin/makeup. It’s not my fault, really it isn’t! I’ve been an aesthetician since 2002 and a graphic/web designer since 2004 so, as you can see, I’ve been setup: setup to love all things pretty and things that make me look pretty. I can’t be held responsible.

In all seriousness, though, I’ve always had a fascination with skincare and when I was still in high school I knew I wanted to go to cosmetology college. I was going to make it happen. (well originally I wanted to be an Egyptologist, but dreams die) So with bright shiny anime eyes, I started beauty school, and I hated it. I hated it SO much. First I went through the aesthetics side, which was wonderful. Next was the nail tech side, which I also loved; but then we started hair.

I fucking hate hair.

It sticks to you and gets everywhere, hell it sticks IN you like you rubbed your hand across raw wood and came out with a very painful but practically invisible splinter. It’s like the glitter of the cosmo world, and I really REALLY loathe glitter. It was just not my thing. While I did have fun during my coloring classes, cutting hair gave me so much anxiety I ended up taking a break from school to reassess. Yes, it was that bad. With all those credit hours wasted, not to mention money, I was pretty mad at myself until my instructor said to me, why don’t you just transfer to aesthetics? And I did, and I didn’t look back.

After working at a few spas (which was harder in those days because we didn’t have them on every corner like we do now) I started my own handmade skincare company called Bath and Body Bliss in 2003. I did well with the venture, and a few years later when I was ready for new things, I sold it to a lovely woman that still runs it to this very day (that fact makes me so so sooooo happy).

After that, I did part time freelance graphic and web design with my graphic designer husband for 12 years, until I was ready to go back out into the aesthetics world again. That’s when things got a little crazy. On a whim, I decided to add a nail tech license to my aesthetics so I went back to school. And that led to me working for a salon affiliated with a non-profit cosmetology college for over a year, where all the profit went to funding college student scholarships.

Now I’m back to working from home, starting new projects and setting up new things that I know will bring me joy for a long time to come. WOW, that was long, and slightly crazy there at the end, but that’s me. In seven paragraphs.


ERIKAErika of fortheloveofacid blog

Hey there, I’m Erika, I’m 44 and I’m addicted to beauty and skincare. I have way too many lipsticks (and continue to buy more), I have way too many eye shadows that I never use, I have a bin of skincare that I use a lot of, but it’s a BIN (ok, a small-ish bin).  Who really needs all that? Hint: me.

The list goes on and on.

I came to my love of the beauty world, like I came to my love of fashion: the honest way. When I was a kid in the ’70s and ’80s, my mom was a major fashion maven.  She used to bring home fashion magazines like Vogue, and I’d study them from cover to cover. My mom was and is a very stylish woman, so I’d watch her leave for work, all dressed up, made up and looking fab, and I’d imagine a time when I could look that incredible. Well, now I’m trying to uphold that “always look incredible” rule by making sure my skin continues to look great into my old age.

Unlike Lori, I don’t have any special beauty credentials.  I have, however, worked in the retail fashion world (beauty adjacent) for years.  I’ve been trained by some of the best to recognize good value, trends, and how products are marketed, and I try to keep myself up to date on all of it.

My goal with this blog is to highlight the cosmetic concerns of Black women, especially as it pertains to my particular oily, aging, acne and PIH-prone skin type. We’d like to bring a slightly different viewpoint to the beauty blogging world, and we hope you keep an eye on us as we grow into our own.


Erika and Lori met over a love of SHINee and blogging. One day Lori commented on Erika’s fashion/k-pop blog and what followed was a friendship that blossomed over deep thoughts of SHINee’s hair styles. Many, many thoughts on that SHINee hair.

Even though Lori’s kawaii and colorful and Erika’s a minimalist who’s favorite color is black, they were just destined to be friends.

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