Wet n Wild Mega Cushion Highlight Illuminator Review

When I saw these tiny adorable Wet N Wild cushions I fell for the cute instantly. These newish (I’ve had and played with this for about a month) products come in several types: highlighting, contouring and four color correcting options. Not being a contour person on the daily, or a color correcting one, I grabbed the highlighter and ran off to the counter to purchase with my other goodies at the tune of $5.99.

Upon arriving home I opened this first and I got to say I was instantly baffled at the packaging. I’m all about hygiene and with a cushion product I’m even more of a stickler. So for the product to have an unattached barrier seal was a total letdown for me. I had to try to find somewhere to put it down without getting it dirty or my counter dirty with highlighter. Which, OK, first world problems I know, but I have to say that it annoyed me.

Here is the thing, this isn’t a piece you throw away. It’s not like a safety seal you chuck, this has a function of keeping the cushion from drying out by actually touching it and stopping air from hitting it. So It’s an ongoing irritation every time I pulled this out to play with it and I really wish they had made this into a flip top like a typical cushion product. The entire point of a cushion is portability, and in one bad design move they rendered this one a dud on that front. I just don’t want to deal with dropping it and making a mess, and then internalizing that the stopper touching my cushion, that touches my face, touched the floor or whatever other-nasty-thing. Because ew.

Now, with that being said, this is a pretty highlighter. It’s very pearlescent and luminous without being glittery or chunky and gives a nice brightening to the skin. It’s very liquidy and is easy to blend with both a brush and a sponge. Even the little applicator it comes with is easy to work with. This product does dry down fairly quickly, though, so don’t dawdle. It reminds me of the IT Cosmetics Hello Light Creme Luminizer. Not in texture or even in tone, the IT highlighter is more champagne than pink, but the final look on the skin is similar and more of a lit from within type of sheen vs. a BAM! strobing/glittering effect.

The color is very pink and very light, so if that’s not something that interests you as far as tone I’d skip this one and go for their more golden options. Wet N Wild has been killing it in the highlighter arena for a while now, so you won’t have a lack of options.


NT = No Thanks | PM = Possibly Maybe | RP = Repurchase | HG = Holy Grail

While I do think the finish is pretty and it does work for me, I find it’s just too much B.S. to go thru to actually use the product. I never reach for it because my other highlighters are quicker and easier to grab and go, or flip open and use. So never grabbing for this one unless I made myself (for this review) says everything to me. Sure, you could just throw that piece away, right? But then your cushion would dry out really fast and make it a pointless buy, so no, not so much.  It’s a shame because, otherwise, it’s a very nice affordable option!


What do you think?