Maybelline Dream Cushion Fresh Face Foundation Review

There is a new western cushion in town, the Maybelline Dream Cushion Fresh Face Foundation, and, of course, I had to give it a try. The claims were all about luminosity along with promises of full coverage. In fact, the exact line from Maybelline’s website is:

Complete luminous coverage for fresh-faced perfection.

OK, I can get on board with that. It comes in six shades that are pretty evenly spaced even if very limited, three for lighter tones, and three for darker. I grabbed mine in #15 Ivory from Walmart for 14.99 (15.99 on Maybelline’s website) and my first impression of the cushion packaging itself is that it’s a typical sturdy cushion holder, but I’m not a fan of the label design that is supposed to indicate your color. Even compared to the other western cushions in the drug store market this label design is kinda meh. :/ I like pretty things, ok?

But putting snobby design opinions aside, I popped this open and dug in and this is where I start shaking my head in confusion. As soon as I swatched this on my hand and before it even started drying down I didn’t understand how this could be considered luminous. And I don’t even mean the Korean meaning of luminous, which is by all standards is a very glossy reflection, but just a normal dewy look.

This is not luminous, in my option, at all, in fact, I’d say this liquid is more of a satin natural finish if we call it anything. This gave me pause because of my very dry skin, but I can wear satin finish foundations, like Sulwhasoo’s Perfecting Cushion, with the proper preparation of my routine and hydrating primers.

With this in mind, I prepped with my skin with my usual round of hydrators, moisture, and my heaviest silicone based primer and pore refiner and started patting it on. Then things went to hell pretty quickly.

I didn’t even have this all over my face before I started to have some pretty strong negative feelings about this. It blended very nicely, was an easy application and has what I’d call a nice medium coverage but it almost immediately settled right into my pores and started drying my skin out. It looked and felt so bad, that I think Mad Max could have been filmed on my face.

After I finished the application of the Dream Cushion I instantly wanted it off. My face felt tight, chalky and cakey. It was accentuating pores no other foundation has ever pointed out to me, cruelly I might add, above my lips. I just couldn’t believe it.

I can honestly say that I haven’t hated a foundation on my skin this much since I was wrangled into a chair by a department store beauty consultant and assaulted with Estee Lauder’s Double Wear, which as you can imagine, looks horrendous on me.

Let’s just let the pictures tell the story, shall we?

Me on the left with Dream Cushion Foundation on, and me on the right, fresh-faced from cleansing with NOTHING else on my face, not even essence or toner, just clean skin.

I tried to get the camera to focus better on my top photo, but it just didn’t have that dry lake bed texture to focus on I guess LOL. Burry photo aside you can clearly see the difference. Top: Cleansed skin with nothing on. Bottom: Dream Cushion Foundation.

DEAR GOD. IN. HEAVEN! Needless to say, that looks AWFUL. Just awful, and it’s sooooo drying and went so matte on my skin with that terrible feeling of tightness, that even if I used a pore filler to fix that one issue, I’d still steer clear of this. I would say anyone with very dry skin should give this one a skip, and anyone with oily to dry skin that is wanting to try this one should use a very sturdy pore filling primer along the lines of Benefit’s Porefessional or  Erika’s beloved Ever-Matte by Becca (sparingly, that stuff is no joke). Something like Etude House Face Blur or Mally’s Face Defender is not going to get the job done here if you have pore or texture issues.

Not luminous.


NT = No Thanks | PM = Possibly Maybe | RP = Repurchase | HG = Holy Grail

While this didn’t work for me (in the biggest understatement in this blog to date) I can see how the coverage would appeal to those with a better-suited skin type. Coverage and blendability is great and I find no faults with it. However, I do find this a bit pricey for a drug store foundation, considering you don’t get refills like typical cushions and you’re only getting 14.6 grams, roughly half an ounce.

(Sorry, Maybelline, please don’t ever take your Great Lash away from me!)

Still, the cushion is my favorite way to apply foundation and if you are looking for a local way to grab one, and you have very dry skin like mine, I recommend the Lumi Cushion by L’Oréal. This is a more sheer coverage than the Dream Cushion but is a true luminous finish that doesn’t exacerbate my dry skin issues. (Though the color/tone range could be better, J/S)

Me after washing Maybelline’s Dream Cushion off.


What do you think?