Lori’s 2017 Skincare Goals: Barrier & Glow

It’s 2017. I don’t know how to even begin processing that, and I probably shouldn’t even try since the end result could only be feelings of age and supreme guilt in not trying harder to be healthier. You know, eat better, more exercise, blah, blah, blah.

Tis’ the time for resolutions, though, and besides the ever present eat better and more exercise, I have a few goals in mind that pertain directly to my skin.

Skin Barrier Health:

Since a nasty incident with a cleanser and a Clarisonic my skin has been damaged, dry and a constant struggle to maintain. Since The Incident, my pores have enlarged, my skin drys and flakes constantly, even after meticulous chemical and manual exfoliation, and the worst is while it feels nice and smooth to touch directly after my routines, it will feel tight and dry after a few hours and I HATE that feeling.


So what am I going to do? ‘Mides… ALL OF THE ‘MIDES. Ceramides and Niacinamide are going to be a major concentration for me this year, whereas last year I was obsessed with moisture, (Hyaluronic acid all over the place) and while I have been using some pretty potent things, I feel like I’ve just been putting a band-aid over the real issues.

So I’ll be introducing more ceramides contained in all of the fatty acids and cholesterol goodness to help my barrier do the job of maintaining its own moisture, and rely less on outside help. And Niacinamide to help the texture and pores of my skin to diminish, and all around look better while giving my skin back it’s own strength.

That Glow:

Secondary to the above is that glow. You know the one. THE GLOW. Despite being dry, my skin isn’t dull by any means, but we could all use a little more glow, right? Once my barrier is in a good, or even better, place, I want to start going at it with some stronger and new actives. Right now I’ve restricted myself pretty hard between a 2% BHA and an L-Ascorbic serum. Anything further I’ve tried I backed off of in fear pretty early. I think I may need to push through some uglies to get where I want to be.

Speaking of uglies, we all know of the retinol type of uglies right? Those might happen too. The fine lines around my eyes and forehead are starting to mock me, so I’d like to add some retinol spot treatment as well.


That is all.


What do you think?