Erika’s 2017 Skincare Goals


Hey, people! I’m finally here with my inaugural post for the blog.  I’m a bit late, but I’m glad to be here. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

As mentioned last week on For The Love of Acid’s Instagram, I have 2 major skincare goals for the year 2017:

  1. Getting rid of the PIH I’ve given myself by picking at my skin because of my dermatillomania issues.
  2. Getting back that Asian Beauty glow that I seem to have misplaced somewhere.

See, here’s the thing: by the time June of last year had rolled around, I had already achieved these two milestones. My PIH was faded, I wasn’t picking at my skin and I was able to go out with only a light buffing of MAC Mineralize Skinfinish powder on my face and a bit of concealer around the eyes.  My skin was glowy and moisturized and flaw free.  This had never been true in my life, so I was PSYCHED. I left my house daily thinking I ran the world.

Unfortunately, life intervened and I went through a highly stressful time. I stopped doing my daily and nightly routine as much, I stopped using Curology, cut back on my other actives, and, as is usual when I’m stressed, I started picking.  All of that has caught up to me in the form of quite a bit of PIH on my chin, jawline and neck from some textural issues and bumps from my skin’s predisposal towards hormonal acne.  I’m not too happy about that, as I’m sure you can imagine.

Now don’t get me wrong. My skin is far from the worst it could be, but it could be much better. I am not one to let these things get the best of me, which means I’ve already started in on my plan to fix all of this and get back my summertime glow up:

  1. I started my Curology prescription again in the beginning of December and have been (mostly) very diligent about doing my routine. I’ve been a bit too diligent with my actives application, but we won’t get into that right this second.

2. I’ve repurchased my old faithful brightening, moisturizing and soothing skincare items that I should never be without, like Stratia’s Rewind and Liquid Gold, and Holy Snail’s Shark Sauce.  If my skin could do backflips, it would be doing some in celebration of their arrival in a few days.

3. I’ve also been hitting those spot treatments hard.  I’ve seen lots of improvement, and would see even more if I could install some sort of force field around my face so that I could stop unconsciously touching it.

The struggle is real, y’all.

Stay tuned for in-depth posts on my adventures with Curology vs. hormonal acne with visual aids, The Chronicles of PIH, and much more. Be sure to check out my skincare story and my routine for more info on products I use.

Do you or anyone you know suffer from dermatillomania, hormonal acne or get hard-to-banish PIH at the drop of a hat?  Leave a comment below with your story.

– Erika


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