Missha The Original Tension Pact Review – Natural Cover

It’s a bird! No, no, it’s a plane! It’s a cushion, guys. It’s clearly a cushion.

Actually, it’s none of those things. The Original Tension Pact by Missha is a cream foundation that sits freely in the compact with a mesh overlay. That’s all. Cream foundation, not liquid, and no soaked cushion. I have to admit; it’s freaking cool.

The mesh is not only used to keep the travel-friendly foundation in place, but to disperse the product evenly when you press into it with your puff. It works too, did I say yet that it’s freaking cool? I’ve used this a fair few times and pressed down to the bottom of the pact and had none of that ring nonsense most cushions do to you when you’re running low. The ring is usually an indicator to flip the sponge, but I digress.

I was excited to try this one because let’s face it, I’m excited for all new cushions, or in this case, new non- cushions. Also because I LOVE when cushions come out with more than just a high cover and natural cover option, and Missha gave us 4! So I waited patiently for a few reviews and last month I cracked and dived into purchase one. After reading several reviews I purchased #23 in Natural Cover for the following reasons. (It’s important to note here that I’m almost always a #21 in Korean foundations.)

  1. Out of the four types released, I felt Natural Cover would suit me best as I have the Iope and Hera cushion in the cover versions, so I was looking for something more natural, which is also my preferred finish.
  • Perfect Cover – Full coverage, dries down to a matte finish.
  • Natural Cover – Light to Medium coverage, dries down to a satin finish.
  • Intense Moisture – Medium to Full Coverage, dewy finish. (I have very dry skin so this one intrigued me the most, but this review convinced me it wasn’t any more moisturizing than the others, and I really prefer a natural, less coverage finish.)
  • Tone Up Glow – Sheerest Coverage, dewy finish.

2. Even though I’m a #21 in most Korean foundations, several people said this ran on the lighter side, so I picked up the #23 hoping it would work. Honestly, I did not find this to run lighter than other #23 cushions I’ve tested, but more on that later.

When I popped this open the scent wafted in my face which had me a bit worried as I really don’t like to smell my foundation throughout the day. Another thing to note is that it did not dissipate through the day as other scented foundations, (I could still smell the scent hours later) but on the plus side I didn’t find it too overwhelming and It did not give me a headache.

The color, however, I knew was not going to be a match as soon as I touched it. (Touching the mesh feels sooo coool, but don’t do that because it’s unsanitary, ahem) I can understand why some may say this pact runs lighter if we are to compare it to say, Missha’s Perfect BB Cream in #23. Then it’s completely true, this #23 is much lighter. The BB is WAY too dark and beige on me and looks horrific, but this one was workable even though it’s slightly too warm/pink for me. I’m going to recommend you get your normal color, and then if needed, correct with some bronzer or contour if it sits too lightly on your skin. I much prefer that than being a totally different shade to my chest.

You can see how warm the #23 is on me in this light compared to my neck and chest color. Also, this is the unpowdered side of my face.

The first thing I noticed upon application is that since this is a cream, this is a much heavier coverage. More than I expected. Natural cover cushions typically are sheer to medium, but this pact has as much coverage as my Iope and Hera #C21 coverage options. I was really surprised. So, to be honest, there isn’t a lot natural about this. It definitely looks like you’re wearing a foundation.

I also caution that a little goes a VERY long way. I can do my entire face and neck with three presses. I can’t even imagine the coverage the Perfect Cover must have, I’d imagine something close to Estee Lauder’s Double Wear since the Natural Cover is no joke.

This is said to dry down to a satin finish. Again, I did not find this to be the case. At all. I would liken this to Iope’s older formula of their Air Cushion that half the world loved and the other half was cursing. This did not dry down on me ever. Not even after 8 or 9 hours. It stayed very sticky and reflective/dewy and transferred every time I touched my face the four times I wore it prior to this review. It will also move around on you and settle into lines if not set.

If what I’ve had to say so far is breaking your heart about this pact then just wait! What I’m about to say next is strange for me because I never use powder on my face. My skin is dry and always patches up after a few hours, so powder is the devil to me. But for the sake of this review, because I know probably most of you DO wear a powder, I set half my face with a translucent blurring HD powder and WHOA holy difference. Dried down to the satiny finish, no transferring etc… and the finish was very pretty for about 4 hours on me.

That said if you’re dry like me this solution isn’t going to work for you if you need to wear this for a long day thanks to pesky dry patches. So I pulled out another love of mine, Mally’s Evercolor Poreless Face Defender and placed this over my other half of my face (I wish I’d had taken pictures after I did this!) and GORJUSSSSS. This is blurring and slightly mattifying so over something this dewy and wet it comes down to a nice satin finish that finally settled, and my dry skin can handle this longer since it’s not a powder.

Now let’s see me with the Missha Tension Pact on. This is one layer, I felt no need to build this up as its quite a good coverage already.

Right side powdered, left untouched. You can see how the powder sets and takes down the dewy aspect. You can also see how in this light the color is not so bad, but not perfect. (Also the powder blurs my pores, ahem. <3 ) Does a pretty good job covering my undereye circles as well. (No concealer on my face at all, as evidenced by the redness under my nose. Sigh.)

Powdered side of my face. Covers most of my PIH but not my freckles which I prefer.)

All the issues I had aside, this is an extremely affordable option. I can pick one of these up for as low as $13 bucks, so if you have to fiddle with it a bit with powder or something else to make it wearable, I find that worth it. Please note though that this doesn’t come with a refill. So by the time you buy two of these you could almost buy a high-end option that DOES come with a refill. Still, $13 y’all.

Now onto some pictures!

The Natural Cover has a light pink/peach colored reflective case with rose gold trim and button.

I lost my puff. *sad face* But this one does a serviceable job. (My all time favorite puff is Iope’s 2016 puff.)

Pretty mesh is pretty.

Note: SPF37 / PA+++

Mesh distributes product fairly evenly.

You can see the color is a better match for my darker hand, but still off. You can also see it accentuates my hand wrinkles. If I had moderate to advanced, aging skin, I’d skip this one.


NT = No Thanks | PM = Possibly Maybe | RP = Repurchase | HG = Holy Grail

This foundation definitely has its flaws, but for the price I would consider a repurchase even though it takes a bit of messing around to make it work for me. I’m interested in what finish I can achieve with the proper color and the use of my Mally Face Defender, so when I run out I might make a repurchase just to see.



4 thoughts on “Missha The Original Tension Pact Review – Natural Cover

  1. Lily says:

    Thanks for the review! I’ve heard that this Tension Pact is a bit lighter than other cushions, but seems like it does not… I’m also using Hera #21 and the Missha M cushion #21 is a bit too white for me so. I guess tone #21 of this pact would be more suitable for me ^ ^

    I’m actually curious about your experience with the Hera Cover cushion. I’m using the Nude line of Hera and it’s really my HG so far. The only cons is the coverage, so I’m thinking about the Cover version and this popular Tension Pact. Would you mind if I ask about your experience with the Hera Cover cushion – coverage, moisture, finish and stuff? Anyway, thanks for the review, it’s really helpful for me ^ ^ I think I’ll give it a try since it’s not pricey!

    • Lori says:

      Hi Lily, thanks for the comments! I really did not find that this ran lighter at all, as you can see it was way to warm for me. I LOVE the Hera UV Mist cover cushion (I’m on my third). I really do love it, butttttt, (there is always a but right?), it is full coverage no joke. Like, SO full coverage it blocks out all variation and shadowing on my skin tone and will make you look like death lol so I can only wear it when I have time to go back in and do a tiny bit of contouring and shading, because it looks unnatural all flat for sure. (I have never tried the non-cover version though.)

      I have UBER dry skin, so the finish dries down on me to a more satin finish vs dewy (unlike the tension pact that is literally the only foundation that doesn’t hardcore dry down on my skin.). If you have more normal to oily skin though, I’m betting the finish will stay more dewy for you. I also don’t find the UV Mist cushion very moisturizing, so I have to really prep my skin when I wear it. Exfoliation and hydrating primer prep to the max, and fill in your pores if you need because it will cling to dry patches and sit in your pore areas. Though, to be fair, I haven’t found a cushion yet that didn’t do those things.

      So basically, I love it, but it takes some extra work for me. It’s not something I can just throw on and be out of the house in 10 minutes. I have the Ultra Moisture version of the Hera UV Mist up next on my list to try. I just purchased the Moisture version of the new Iope not long ago though, so I’m trying that one out right now. (Not loving, sits in your pores no matter what I do.)

  2. Ruri るり says:

    Thank you so much Lori! That’s really detailed for a quick review.

    I didn’t expect the Hera Cover cushion to be full coverage, wow… Since I prefer light/ medium coverage (with a good concealer of course, haha), I guess I would stick with the Nude version that I love soooooooooooo much. I have oily T-zone but my cheeks are a bit dry (not to mention a few patches from the acne scars), and this lovely Hera cushion is the only thing that would never make my face cakey, even when I’m super late in the morning and have to skip most of my skincare routine. I feel like Missha Tension Pact could be the close second though!

    Anyway, I hope the Hera Intense Moisture cushion would work for you! Have a good day!

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